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Practice Performance Snapshot

ION Dental Group Members will receive a Practice Performance Snapshot at the end of every year. These key performance indicators will help you to better understand the strengths of your business as well as opportunities for improvement. By focusing on these areas and objectively tracking progress over time you’ll be able to see the results ranging from improved patient satisfaction to increased profitability.

This will aide your team in understanding how they produce valuable contributions to your practice, and it will show a measurable level of impact on your profits. The performance snapshot will have several variables to help you see the full picture of how your business is affecting your community, and how your efforts toward improvement are affecting your bottom line. We will provide you with the data and metrics necessary to understand how your business is growing, so that you can continue to provide the highest quality of care for your patients.

We will cover a wide range of variables in your Practice Performing Snapshot including:

  • Sales and profitability
  • Market performance
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Equipment value
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Data and metrics of financial risks and assets

Performance review indicators are essential for the success of small businesses and individual practices. We will take a hard look at the data and production value of your business just so that you can be fully prepared to set your goals on what matters for the upcoming year. The key to a strong business is knowing your weak points, so we will help identify them. We will also highlight the areas of strength in your practice so that you can maintain your growth. We will do the research for you so that you can focus on serving your patients effectively.

We guarantee the most up-to-date and accurate information so that you can measure the full impact of your practice on your patients, employees, and all parties involved. Give us a call today at (800) 985-8047 to get a better understanding on how a Practice Performance Snapshot can help your practice. You can also email us directly at and a representative will get in contact with you at your preferred convenience.

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Know Your Practice

ION Dental Group provides its Premium members with an annual Practice Summary Appraisal, Equipment Valuation, Regional Fee Schedule and Practice Performance Snapshot, giving them the data they need to plan for the future and make informed decisions. 

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